Air charter glossary for first time aircraft charter customers

Airway Distance:

The genuine rather than straight line separation flown by the aircraft between two focuses, after deviations required via air traffic control and route along republished courses. The distinction among this and straight line separation will differ all through the nation. Normal figures would be between 5-9 percent.


Airport Reservation Office Staffed by the FAA, this element dispenses landing and departure bookings for unscheduled aircraft all through the accompanying airports: JFK, LGA, EWR, DCA, and ORD see airport identifier postings for codes. Since these allotments are rare and conceded 48 hours ahead of time on first-start things out served premise, travel to these five airports might be troublesome by charter.

Air Charter Service

Square Rates:

A lower contract rate for planning critical measures of charter time ahead of time on a prearranged understanding

Square Speed:

The normal speed over a particular separation obstruct to square, or entryway to-entryway as for the airport door.


FAA-gave permit in this setting some of the time alluded to as ticket, Part 135 permit, and so on. to convey travelers for contract.

Worker Operator:

A territorial, planned airline in this book constrained to that administrator with sufficient armada limit as to be accessible of charter. Not all worker airlines charter, in view of the restrictions of aircraft and group accessibility.

Corporate Operator:

An organization flight office which has earned a Section 135 authentication to convey travelers for pay

Voyage Speed:

Voyage speed is the ordinary speed accomplished at height once the aircraft is never again climbing and is on the way.  Initially a thing, presently an action word significance to fly the arrival leg of an outing without load or travelers Initially begat during the early stages of the significant airlines, the term was derisively applied to organization representatives or companions, who were lashed into generally void seats to give the presence of high business volume.

Obligation Time:

That segment of the day when a team part is on obligation in any way not simply in the charter flights to vegas. This can be a requirement on taxing day-trips, as there are FAA-forced cutoff points on the measure of time permitted on obligation. Many charter administrators have stricter standards, so it pays to ask before arranging an excursion excessively tight as far as possible.